Donations to AOS

The Society asks you to consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Society’s Endowment Funds. All contributions of $25 or more are credited to the general endowment. The AOS office will send a letter of acknowledgment to each contributor for tax records.

General Endowment
Miscellaneous Gifts: for an amount less than $25
Restricted Gifts Fund: for an amount between $25 and $50
Patrons Fund: for an amount more than $50 and less than $100
Founders Fund: for an amount more than $100

Graduate Student Award Fund, which provides funding support for travel and lodging to graduate student members who are presenting papers at the Annual Meeting. The Society’s general fund matches these contributions to assure the fund’s steady growth. Graduate student attendance at Annual Meetings is without doubt essential to the sound future of the Society.
Your generous and thoughtful tax-deductible contribution to the Graduate Student Award Fund will promote and enrich the careers of several deserving students and future scholars of Oriental Studies.