Call for Papers

American Oriental Society
Two Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Meeting

Members of the Society are hereby invited to submit communications to be presented at the 228th Meeting. Deadline for submission is October 15, 2017.

Note: The Program Committee will not accept papers for inclusion on the Program submitted by members who have not paid 2018 membership dues and pre-registration fees in full or who neglect to submit abstracts by the October 15, 2017 deadline. In addition, to submit an abstract of a communication for the Program of the Annual Meeting, you must be logged-in to your user account. If you are not yet an AOS member or your membership has lapsed, you will need to create an account by registering and submit payment for dues and pre-registration before you submit the abstract.

Payment of membership dues and payment of meeting pre-registration fees are two separate actions. Access the online page for payment of 2018 dues and access the shop for pre-registration. Abstracts can be submitted electronically.

Please read further for information about submitting an abstract.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should cover the following points: (a) the precise topic treated, (b) your exact contribution to the problem, (c) its relationship to previous scholarship on the topic, (d) specific conclusions. Please also keep in mind that abstracts of papers accepted for presentation will appear in the published Abstracts in the way in which they have been submitted. It is impossible for this Office to edit them. Please transliterate non-Latin writing systems. Text submitted in non-Latin writing will not appear in the printed abstracts. For submission instructions, see below.

Please respond to the Call for Papers only if you plan to attend the Meeting. Failure to present a paper that has been accepted on the Program creates a very poor impression of the Society and is particularly discourteous to those members who may have travelled great distances just to hear certain communications.

Papers from non-members, except for those of visiting scholars invited to participate in special panels, cannot be considered because of the expense the Society bears in running the Annual Meeting. When inviting colleagues and students who are not AOS members to participate in the program, please inform them that they should apply for membership at the time they submit abstracts.

Sectional Committee Chairs should be contacted directly only in the matter of organizing special panels.

A printed copy of the abstracts, which will be distributed at the meeting, is included in the registration fees. When your Shopping Cart in the shop is complete, the check-out page will ask for your Banquet meal preference and Meeting Tag name and affiliation. Please fill these in before checking out.

Members who submit abstracts will be notified of their inclusion on the Program soon after January 15, 2018.