Graduate Student Award for Travel to the Annual Meeting

The American Oriental Society awards funds after the Annual Meeting to reimburse graduate students’ incurred travel and lodging expenses (at conference hotel). The AOS Graduate Student Award Fund is supported by contributions from the membership and matching funds from the Society’s general fund. Currently, a maximum of $1,000 is available for reimbursement to each applicant who fulfills the terms. NB: the application process is open as well to post-docs, who will be awarded reimbursement according to the same criteria as graduate students provided there are sufficient funds available.

To be considered for the award of support funds, a graduate student must be a current member of the American Oriental Society and must have presented a paper at the Annual Meeting and paid meeting registration fees. An application letter, stating title, date, and time of presentation and sent within a month of the last day of the Annual Meeting, should be submitted to the Office of the Secretary and include the following documentation:

  1. original travel and lodging expense receipts, or clean copies;
  2. valid postal address of the applicant;
  3. social security number; and
  4. copy of a valid and current student identification.

No award can be made without this information. Application letters and supporting documentation must be submitted, either by email with attached expense documentation, or by post to the AOS Office (American Oriental Society, GSF, Office of the Secretary, Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190, USA). No applications will be accepted after the deadline. No more than a total of three awards will be made to any graduate student.

Applications will be reviewed and awards will be mailed within a month of the deadline of receipt of applications, that is, by mid-May.

The AOS will not reimburse expenses for lodging arranged at non-conference hotels.

Note: Graduate students who expect to apply for Graduate Student Award Fund support must indicate their intention on the Announcement of Communication Form. In general, those who fulfill the above requirements are guaranteed funding.

Further information and clarification can be obtained from the Office of the Secretary.