Digital Resources

With the increased availability of digitized texts and the concomitant inability of scholars to keep track of them, AOS members contribute the links that follow for the benefit of all their colleagues. AOS members: Your help to keep them up-to-date and multiplying is appreciated. Send an email or use the AOS e-list (if not a member, sign up today) for comments and suggestions for inclusion.

Digital Islamic Humanities Project, Brown University
Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources (AMIR)
Islamic Books, a research blog about manuscripts, printed books, and ephemera in Arabic script
Persian Digital Humanities
Fihrist, manuscript descriptions from major collections in the UK
Arab Collections Online, NYUAD
MicGill Library’s Islamic Lithographs Digital Collection
Qatar Digital Library


The Ancient World Online (AWOL)
Old Assyrian Text Project
ORACC, The Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus
MĪS PÎ (C. Walker and M. Dick, The Induction of the Cult Image in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Mesopotamian Mis Pî Ritual, vol. 1: State Archives of Assyria Literary Texts, Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 2001)
Cuneiform Digital Library (CDLI)

Text and Manuscript Repositories
Indology: Resources for Indological Scholarship
Digital South Asia Library, University of Chicago
Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages (GRETIL)
SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts
TITUS: Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialen
DCS: Digital Corpus of Sanskrit (Heidelberg)
Muktabodha Digital Library
Digital Himalaya, University of Cambridge
Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon
Sanskrit Documents
Project Madurai
Endangered Archives: Asia Collection, British Library
Ashoka Library, University of Oslo
Sanskrit-Persica Library, University of Oslo
Beyond Boundaries (Indian inscription database), British Museum
Indoskript: Eine elektronische Indische Paläographie
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
Indologica Taurinensia: Online Journal of IASS
The Sanskrit Library

Digital Dictionaries
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia, University of Chicago
Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries (and other reference works)
A Dictionary of Gāndhārī and Catalog of Gāndhārī texts
Indo-European Etymological Dictionary
Old Javanese-English Dictionary
The Sanskrit Library, Digital Dictionaries

Chinese Text Project
Scripta Sinica, Academia Sinica, Taibei
CHANT: Chinese Ancient Texts Database, Chinese University of Hong Kong
TLS: Thesaurus Linguae Sericae
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association, Taibei
The International Dunhuang Project, British Library
China Biographical Database Project, Harvard
Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society


Last updated March 13, 2017