Dues Payment

Payment of dues can be made securely through the website (ascertain which member category you fall into).

IMPORTANT: In completing the payment with the online forms, you must be sure that you fill out ALL fields, including Membership Details, Name, Billing address, Email, etc. Leaving one blank will result in your payment not being accepted and you dues payment not being credited and recorded.

The progressive dues structure is as follows:

Student member: $25*

Member category I (income < $45,000/year): $45*

Member category II (income $45,000–$75,000/year): $65*

Member category III (income $75,000–$100,000): $95

Member category IV (income > $100,000): $125

Life membership (20x category IV): $2,500

Retired member: $50

Joint member: $20 surcharge added to dues category of primary member

* Membership categories that only have electronic access to JAOS; the print volume can be purchased for an additional $20/year (international members should add an extra $5 for postage).

For the membership categories that receive the printed issues as part of the membership, there is an option to decline and enjoy only electronic access. Please notify the AOS office if you do not want the paper copy. For members residing outside of the US, an additional $5 should be added to the dues payment for postage of the printed issues.

To submit membership dues by post, please  download, fill in, print out, and return the dues payment and credit card form to the AOS address on the form.

Annual membership dues must be paid before January first of each year and apply to the next year. Membership is annual and is calendar-year based (Jan-Dec).