Honorary Membership

Over the years, Honorary Membership in the American Oriental Society has been conferred upon the following scholars of international repute in recognition of the important scholarly work they have contributed to their fields of research and the extent to which they have made available and promoted the fruits of their inquiry to the benefit of the broadest possible range of colleagues, students, and the enlightened public.

Archi, Alfonso
Ayalon, David (d. 1998)
Bottéro, Jean (d. 2007)
Boyce, Mary (d. 2006)
Caillat, Colette (d. 2007)
Dandamayev, Muhammad (d. 2017)
Del Olmo Lete, Gregorio
Diakonoff, Igor (d. 1999)
Durand, Jean-Marie
Edzard, Dietz (d. 2004)
van Ess, Josef (d. 2021)
van Gelder, Geert Jan
George, Andrew R.
Gimaret, Daniel
Hazai, György (d. 2016)
von Hinüber, Oskar
Holzman, Donald
Hunger, Hermann
Jarring, Gunnar (d. 2002)
Khan, Geoffrey
Kohlberg, Etan
Kuhrt, Amélie
Kuiper, B. J. (d. 2003)
Li, Xueqin
Liverani, Mario
Mayrhofer, Manfred (d. 2011)
Parpola, Asko
Parpola, Simo
Schutz, Edmond (d. 1999)
Sims–Williams, Nicholas
Spycket, Agnes
Stol, Marten
Su, Bai
Sundermann, Werner (d. 2012)
Tadmor, Hayim (d. 2005)
Thieme, Paul (d. 2001)
Tsereteli, Konstantin (d. 2004)
Veenhof, Klaas R.
Wilcke, Claus
Wilhelm, Gernot
Yuan, Xingpei