AOS Endowment Funds

The American Oriental Society acknowledges with gratitude receipt of gifts from generous contributors to the Society’s Endowment Fund, Graduate Student Award Fund, and Life Membership Fund. The continued generous support of members who contribute funds in addition to membership dues is much appreciated and essential for the financial well-being of the Society. Contributions to the Graduate Student Award Fund are especially valuable, as they are gifts that ensure the prosperous future of the AOS by encouraging participation of younger members in the affairs of the Society. Members are encouraged to continue their generosity each year by way of the online shop.

Contributors during 2015

Mark L. Asselin
Arundhati Banerjee
Daniel J. Beben
Gary M Beckman
William Ernest Bibee
Julia Bray
Victoria B. Cass
Fletcher John Coleman
Tracy Coleman
Charles D. Collins
Virginia de Rijk-Chan
Joel Dubois
Carter V. Findley
Edwin D. Floyd
Benjamin Fortson IV
Mercedes Torrecilla Fraguas
Grant Frame
Steven J. Garfinkle
Paul J. Gaylo*
Petra M. Goedegebuure
Meow Hui Goh
Gene B. Gragg
Charles G. Haberl III
Jane Hathaway
Fernand Hayot
Hans Henrich Hock
Susan Tower Hollis
Thomas J. Hudak
John Huehnergard
R. Stephen Humphreys
Alfred L. Ivry
Joshua T. Katz
Joseph Anthony Larose
Jacob Lassner
Louis D. Levine
Baruch A. Levine
Joseph Lowry
Timothy Lubin
Geoffrey MacCormack
Peter Machinist
John S. Major
P. M. Thiab Malai
Joseph L. Malone
H. Craig Melchert
Ruth I. Meserve
Christa Muller-Kessler
William L. Ochsenwald
Patrick Olivelle
Marianne S. Oort-Lissy
David I. Owen
Laurie E. Pearce
Kim Plofker
Ailin Qian
Seth Richardson
Matthias Ludwig Richter
Jonathan H. Rodgers
Everett K. Rowson**
Arie Schippers
Irfan A. Shahîd*
Prods Oktor Skjaervø
Gary N. Smith
Piotr Steinkeller
Edward Thomas
M. Elizabeth Tucker
Brent Vine
Stephanie J. Watkins
Christian K. Wedemeyer
Pauline Yu
Ziony Zevit

* Supporting Fellow
** New Life Member