Nominations for 2021

As required by the Constitution of the American Oriental Society, By-Law XVI (amended 1986), the Secretary hereby announces those elective offices of the Society that will become vacant at the end of the membership year 2020 and invites members in good standing to submit the names of potential candidates, by way of the form below, for consideration by the Nominating Committee.

Please confirm that the individuals whose names you wish to submit are current members of the AOS. If you have questions regarding membership status, consult the AOS Directory.

Please submit your suggestions to the Chair by October 15, 2020, in time for the Nominating Committee to compose the ballot of candidates for office by the end of the year. For details of official duties and responsibilities, you may consult the AOS Constitution and By-Laws.

The Nominating Committee will nominate:
* one (1) candidate for Vice-President—this year according to the traditional cycle the Vice-President will come from the from the South and Southeast Asia Section (to succeed Peter Machinist, who will become President);
* two (2) candidates for Ancient Near East Section Chair (three-year terms, to succeed Petra Goedgebuure);
* two candidates for Inner Asia Section Chair (to succeed Kevin van Bladel).
* two candidates for South and Southeast Section Chair (to succeed Deven Patel)

The Members of the Nominating Committee as currently constituted are:

  1. Paul Delnero (Chair, ANE, 2020) Near Eastern Studies, Johns Hopkins University (
  2. Katherine Alexander (EA, 2021) Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Colorado Boulder (
  3. Carl Sharif El-Tobgui (2020), Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University (
  4. Rana Mikati (2020), History, College of Charleston (
  5. David Brick (SSEA, 2021) Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Michigan (

A list of past AOS Presidents going back to 1990 can be consulted.

The process of nominating electronically is very simple: (1) vote by filling in a name in the spaces allotted (if you do not want to enter a name, write NA); (2) enter your name and email address (this confirms that your 2020 membership is current and that you are eligible to vote); (3) click on the Submit button (one time only). Your ballot, which will be treated with every confidentiality, will be sent for counting.

Nomination Form

Vice-President (from the South and Southeast Asia Section) (to succeed Peter Machinist, who becomes President)

Ancient Near East Section Chair (to succeed Petra Goedgebuure)

Inner Asia Section Chair (to succeed Kevin van Bladel)

South & Southeast Asia Section Chair (to succeed Deven Patel)

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