AOS Series

Complementing its Journal, AOS can accommodate monographs, translations, and essays in, respectively, the American Oriental Society Monograph Series, the American Oriental Society Translation Series, and the American Oriental Society Essay Series. These Society publications, published in hardcover and, as of 2016, as ebooks, are available to members at a 20% discount; special sales of publications at greatly reduced prices are held occasionally.

To confirm that a title is still in print and available, and to place an order, please access Eisenbrauns
 or contact

PO Box 275
Winona Lake IN 46590-0275
tel 574-269-2011
fax 800-736-7921 (US and Canada); 574-269-6788 (non-US and Canada)

Book proposals and or manuscripts should be sent to the appropriate Sectional Editor:
for Ancient Near East, Gary Beckman
for Islamic Studies, Peri Bearman
for Traditional India, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, Stephanie Jamison
for East Asia, Antje Richter