American Oriental Series Essays

To order below titles through no. 14, if still in print, access Penn State University Press. From no. 15 on, titles are open access.

1. Grammatical Method in Panini: His Treatment of Sanskrit Present Stems. By Betty Shefts Chang. 1961. Pp. x + 45. Paper.
2. Outline of KHMU Structure. By William A. Smalley. 1961. Pp. xix + 45. Paper.
3. A Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts in the Oriental Institute of Chicago. By Miroslav Krek. 1961. Pp. ix + 46. Paper.
4. A Sketch of Trukese Grammar. By Isidore Dyen. 1964. Pp. x + 60. Paper.
5. History of Egypt, an Extract from Abu l-Mahasin Ibn Taghri Birdi’s Chronicle, Entitled Hawadith ad-Duhur fi Mada l-Ayyam wash-Shuhur (845-843 A.H.). Tr. William Popper. 1963. Pp. v + 60. Paper.
6. The Dhayl in Medieval Arabic Historiography. By Caesar E. Farah. 1967. 55 pp. Paper.
7. R. Gordon Wasson on Soma; and Daniel H. H. Ingalls’ Response. By R. Gordon Wasson. 1971. 23 pp.. Paper.
8. The Canaanite God Resep. By William J. Fulco, S.J. 1976. 71 pp., 1 plate. Paper.
9. The Ugaritic Hippiatric Texts: A Critical Edition. By C. Cohen and D. Sivan. 1983. 72 pp.. Paper.
10. Form and Meaning of Yasna 33. By Hanns-Peter Schmidt, with contributions by W. Lentz and S. Insler. 1985. 72 pp. Paper.
11. On Verbal Accentuation in the Rigveda. By Jared S. Klein. 1992. Pp. iv + 118. Paper.
12. The Sumerian Poem Enmerkar and En-Suhkes-Ana Epic, Play, Or?: Stage Craft at the Turn from the Third to the Second Millennium B.C. By Claus Wilcke. 2012. Pp. ix + 119. Paper.
13. Is There Continuity between Persian and Caspian? Linguistic Relationships in the South-Central Alborz. By Habib Borjian. 2013. 52 pp. Paper.
14. Asher and sh- in the Book of Ecclesiastes. By W. Randall Garr. 2017. 91 pp. Paper.
15. Rain-Giver, Bone-Breaker, Score-Settler: Allāh in Pre-Quranic Poetry. By Nicolai Sinai. Pp. ix + 79.