American Oriental Series Essays

1. Grammatical Method in Panini: His Treatment of Sanskrit Present Stems. By Betty Shefts. 1961. Pp. x + 45. Paper.
2. Outline of KHMU Structure. By William A. Smalley. 1961. Pp. xix + 45. Paper.
3. A Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts in the Oriental Institute of Chicago. By Miroslav Krek. 1961. Pp. ix + 46. Paper.
4. A Sketch of Trukese Grammar. By Isidore Dyen. 1964. Pp. x + 60. Paper.
5. History of Egypt, an Extract from Abu l-Mahasin Ibn Taghri Birdi’s Chronicle, Entitled Hawadith ad-Duhur fi Mada l-Ayyam wash-Shuhur (845-843 A.H.). Tr. William Popper. 1963. Pp. v + 60. Paper.
6. The Dhayl in Medieval Arabic Historiography. By Caesar E. Farah. 1967. Pp. 55. Paper.
7. The Canaanite God Resep. By William J. Fulco, S.J. 1976. Pp. 71 with 1 plate. Paper.
8. The Ugaritic Hippiatric Texts: A Critical Edition. By C. Cohen and D. Sivan. 1983. Pp. 72. Paper.
9. Form and Meaning of Yasna 33. By Hanns-Peter Schmidt, with contributions by W. Lentz and S. Insler. 1985. Pp. 72. Paper.
10. On Verbal Accentuation in the Rigveda. By Jared S. Klein. 1992. Pp. iv + 118. Paper.
11. The Sumerian Poem Enmerkar and En-Suhkes-Ana Epic, Play, Or?: Stage Craft at the Turn from the Third to the Second Millennium B.C. By Claus Wilcke. 2012. Pp. ix + 119 Paper.
12. Is There Continuity between Persian and Caspian? Linguistic Relationships in the South-Central Alborz. By Habib Borjian. 2013. Pp. 52. Paper.