Journal of the American Oriental Society (JAOS)

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The Journal of the American Oriental Society (ISSN 0003-0279) is published quarterly by the American Oriental Society. The first volume (1843-49) set the tone for all time in the broad scope of subject matter and the solidity of its scholarship. It included studies of Arab music, of Persian cuneiform, and of Buddhism in India, and brought to a wide audience the then novel theories of Pierre E. Du Ponceau, assailing the doctrine of the “ideographic” character of the Chinese script.

From that year to the present day, the Journal has brought to the world of scholarship the results of the advanced researches of the most distinguished specialists in the literatures and civilizations of North Africa, the Near East, South and Southeast Asia, Inner Asia, and the Far East. The pages of the Journal are always open to original and interesting contributions from scholars. AOS membership dues include an annual subscription to the Journal.

Peri Bearman
Harvard University

Sectional Editors
Gary M. Beckman (Ancient Near East)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Peri Bearman (Islamic Studies)
Harvard University
Stephanie Jamison (Traditional India, South Asia, and Southeast Asia)
University of California Los Angeles
Antje Richter (East Asia)
University of Colorado at Boulder

The Society and the Editors assume no responsibility for the views expressed by authors in the Society’s publications.

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