Review Copies

For publishers wanting to send books for review in JAOS, please send to the editor responsible for the particular discipline:

For books on the Ancient Near East:
Gary M. Beckman
Dept. of Near Eastern Studies
3147 Thayer Building
202 S. Thayer St.
Ann Arbor MI 48104-1608

For books on Islamic Studies:
Peri Bearman
17 Adams Ave
Groton, MA 01450-1241

For books on Indology, South Asia, and Southeast Asia:
Stephanie W. Jamison
Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures
Box 951540
222C RH, University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles CA 90095-1540

For books on East Asia:
Antje Richter
Asian Languages and Civilizations, 279 UCB
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0279